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MS Online License SQL Server 2017 Standard 16 Core License Unlimited User Operations

MS Online License SQL Server 2017 Standard 16 Core License Unlimited User Operations

MS Online License SQL Server 2017 Standard 16 Core License Unlimited User Operations
MS Online License SQL Server 2017 Standard 16 Core License Unlimited User Operations MS Online License SQL Server 2017 Standard 16 Core License Unlimited User Operations

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: United States
Certification: MS
Model Number: SQL Server 2017 standard
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $1--$50
Packaging Details: no box,no package,only key
Delivery Time: 2hours
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,paypal,btc,Alibaba International Site
Supply Ability: 1--9999
Detailed Product Description
Software Name: SQL Server 2017 Software Platform: Windows、Linux、macOS
Last Updated: In 2017 Software Language: Gemultilingual
Software Size: 1565MB
High Light:

MS Online License SQL Server 2017


16 Core MS Online License SQL Server

MS Online License SQL Server 2017 Standard 16 Core License, Unlimited User Operations


SQL Server is a relational database management system introduced by . Ease of use, scalability and high integration with related software, spanning a wide range of platforms, from lapto running Windows 98 to large multiprocessor servers running Windows 2012.

SQL Server is a comprehensive database platform that provides enterprise-grade data management using integrated business intelligence (BI) tools. The SQL Server Database Engine provides more secure and reliable storage for relational and structured data, enabling you to build and manage highly available and high-performance data applications for business.

SQL Server 2017 is an important step forward in bringing the power of SQL Server to Linux, Linux-based Docker containers, and Windows, giving users a choice of development language, data types, local or cloud development, and operating system development on the SQL Server platform.

SQL Server 2017 includes many new Database Engine features, enhancements, and performance improvements.

CLR assemblies can now be added to the list of trusted assemblies as a workaround for the clr strict security feature described in CTP 2.0. Add sp_add_trusted_assembly, sp_drop_trusted_assembly, and sys.trusted_asssemblies to support the trusted assembly list.

A resumable online index rebuild can resume an online index rebuild operation from where it stopped after a failure, such as a failover to a replica or low disk space, or pause and resume an online index rebuild operation later. See ALTER INDEX and Online Index Operational Guidelines.

If the server restarts unexpectedly or fails over to a secondary server, the IDENTITY_CACHE option of ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION allows the user to avoid identifying differences in column values. See ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION. (CTP 2.0)

A new generation of query processing improvements that will optimize the runtime conditions of application workloads. For the first release of this series of adaptive query processing features, we've made three new improvements: batch-mode adaptive joins, batch-mode memory-grant feedback, and interleaved execution for multi-statement table-valued functions. See Intelligent query processing in SQL Database.

Automatic database tuning provides insight into potential query performance issues, recommends solutions, and automatically resolves identified issues. See Automatic tuning.

New graph database features for modeling many-to-many relationshi include a new CREATE TABLE syntax for creating node and boundary tables and the keyword MATCH for queries. See Graphics with SQL Server 2017.

By default, the sp_configure option named clr strict security is enabled to enhance the security of CLR assemblies. See CLR Strict Security.

The installer now supports specifying up to 256 GB (262,144 MB)/file for the initial tempdb file size per file; If the file size is set to greater than 1 GB and IFI is not enabled, a warning appears.

modified_extent_page_count columns in sys.dm_db_file_space_usage track differential changes in each database file, enabling an intelligent backup solution that performs differential or full backu based on the percentage of pages changed in the database.

The SELECT INTO T-SQL syntax now supports loading tables into filegrou other than the user's default filegroup using the ON keyword.

Cross-database transactions are now supported across all databases that belong to an AlwaysOn Availability Group, including databases belonging to the same instance. See Transactions - AlwaysOn Availability Grou and Database Mirroring .

New Availability Group features include clusterless read scaling support, minimal replica-commit availability group setup, and Windows-Linux cross-operating system migration and testing.

New dynamic management views:

sys.dm_db_log_stats exposes summary-level attributes and information about transaction log files, which are useful for monitoring the health of the transaction log.

sys.dm_tran_version_store_space_usage tracks version store usage for each database to help you proactively plan tempdb size based on version store usage for each database. (CTP 2.0)

sys.dm_db_log_info exposes VLF information to monitor, warn, and avoid potential transaction log problems.

sys.dm_db_stats_histogram is a new dynamic management view for checking statistics.

sys.dm_os_host_info Provides operating system information for Windows and Linux.

Database Tuning Advisor (DTA) has additional options and improved performance.

In-memory enhancements include support for computed columns in memory-optimized tables, JSON functions in fully natively compiled modules, and the CROSS APPLY operator in natively compiled modules.

The new string functions are CONCAT_WS, TRANSLATE, and TRIM, while the STRING_AGG function now supports WITHIN GROUP.

For CSV and Azure Blob files, new batch access options BULK INSERT and OPENROWSET(BULK...) are available. ).

Memory-optimized object enhancements include sp_spaceused, elimination of 8 index limits for memory-optimized tables, sp_rename for memory-optimized tables and natively compiled T-SQL modules, and CASE and TOP (N) WITH TIES for natively compiled T-SQL modules. You can now store, back up, and restore memory-optimized filegroup files in Azure Storage.


Database "COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL 150" has been added.


SQL Server version

SQL Server version


Enterprise Advanced Offering, SQL Server Enterprise Edition, provides complete advanced data center capabilities with fast performance and unlimited virtualization1and end-to-end business intelligence – delivering high service levels for mission-critical workloads and in-depth analysis of user access data.
standard SQL Server Standard edition provides departments and small organizations with basic data management and business intelligence databases to execute their applications, and supports common development tools on-premises and in the cloud to enable effective database management with minimal IT resources.
Web SQL Server Web Edition is a low total cost of ownership option for Web masters and Web VA that provides extensibility, affordability, and manageability for small to large-scale Web properties.
developer SQL Server Developer editions allow developers to build any type of application on top of SQL Server. It contains all the features of Enterprise Edition, but is licensed for use only as a development and test system, not as an actual server. SQL Server Developer is ideal for those who build and test applications.
Express version Express Edition is an entry-level free server ideal for learning and building data-driven applications for desktop and small servers. This version is the best choice for independent software vendors, developers, and enthusiasts building client applications. If you need more advanced database capabilities, SQL Server Express can smoothly upgrade to other higher-order versions of SQL Server. SQL Server Express LocalDB is a lightweight version of Express with all its programmable features, execution in user mode, and fast, zero-configuration installation, and a short list of requisites.


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